We now offer sushi in Baltimore,
Potonac and Washington D.C.

At Sushi Seven, we pride ourselves on making fresh Kosher sushi daily on our premises. We love to provide our clients with the highest quality ingredients for raw and cooked sushi, vegetarian sushi, and chef's specialty rolls. The taste of our dishes is so perfect that you will definitely order more and more!

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    Sushi Kit for Two: $50

    Makes 3 Rolls 
    - Cooked/flavored Sushi  Rice, 
    - 3 Sheets of  Nori, 
    - 2 Sushi Mats 
    - 3 Chopstix 
    - Ingredients to make 1 Vegetable Roll .
    - Ingredients needed  to make 2 additional rolls.  
    (Avocado, English Cucumber, Carrot , Sushi Sauce, Ginger, and Wasabi)
    Pick 2 options/types for Roll 2 and 3
    -Baked Salmon
    -Raw Salmon
    -Raw Tuna
    -Spicy Salmon
    -Spicy Tuna
    -Koni Stick
    -Sweet Potato
    -Secret Garden (All Vegetable)


    Add a Roll: $10.00
    Add 2 Rolls: $20 extra sushi mat included 

    Add extra sauces ,4 oz
    -Spicy Mayo: $4
    -Ginger: $4
    -Wasabi: $4
    -Sushi Sauce: $ 4
    Saku Block: $15.00  (4 oz)
    Scottish Salmon: $15.00 (4 oz)
    Ahi Tuna Steak: $15.00 (4 o)z
    Ahi Tuna Cubes: $30.00  (16 oz)
    Spicy Ground Tuna: $30.00 (16 oz)
    Spicy Kani Salad: $12.00  (6 oz)
    Add Saku Block  $ 29.99 16 oz
    Add Ahi Tuna Steak $ 29.99 16 oz
    Add Ahi Tuna Cubes $ 29.99 16 oz
    Add Item "Saku Seared Tuna" Price 29.99 12 oz

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